The Best Tattoo Ideas and Articles


Cute Tattoos

Cute Tattoos
for women offered at many famous artists and in various tattoo shops. A woman will be able to have cute tattoo on her body. Cute tattoo for girls or women can be found in the Internet easily if you confused about that. If you think a butterfly […]

Butterfly Tattoos

Sarah’s new tattoo thanks to Rebel Ink by.Callum Hopkins
Butterfly Tattoos

can be a good choice for girls and women.  This butterfly shape is suitable for all parts of your body. It can be placed on the lower abdomen, lower back, hands, arms, wrist and many more. It […]

Lower Back Tattoos

Lower Back Tattoos  are the most popular tattoo placement among the women. Tattoo is a body painting art. Make sure you choose the right design so you will not regret it. Lower back tattoos will make your back look much sexier. Butterfly, eyes, flower, rose, and dolphin […]

Temporary Tattoo Paper

Temporary tattoo paper is usually used to make various temporary tattoos. This kind of tattoo will make you have an cool fake tattoo for few days or around one week only. Though it is only temporary, you can have this tattoo for your special occasion. […]

Tattoo Removal Before and After

Tattoo removal before and after effect will be different on each person. This condition caused by different skin’s types and sensitivity. You can have a good result after having the treatment but in some cases, this treatment will do no effect on the tattoo. You […]

Japanese Tattoos

by. Nick Gordon

Japanese tattoos
have various kinds and design. Most of the style is women in kimono. The most popular tattoo style is dragon. This animal is the most famous myth in Japan. Japanese people as well as its Yakuza usually have dragon tattoos designs. Japanese […]

Tribal Arm Tattoo

Tribal arm tattoo is really popular among men. This kind of arm tattoo have various kinds of shape and designs. You need to find some good artist to own an great designed custom tribal tattoo on your arm. Arm tattoo ideas are very popular because many celebrities applying this […]

Cool Tattoo Fonts

Cool Tattoo Fonts are the best way to make your writing and expression looked more interesting. It is easy to get these tattoo fonts. You can just open your browser, start searching cool tattoo fonts then download them. Internet has many choices for these fonts. […]