skull butterfly tattooSarah’s new tattoo thanks to Rebel Ink by.Callum Hopkins

Butterfly Tattoos

can be a good choice for girls and women.  This butterfly shape is suitable for all parts of your body. It can be placed on the lower abdomen, lower back, hands, arms, wrist and many more. It is very interesting and flexible since it can also be combined with tribal tattoo shape. Butterfly tattoos have several meaning for each person. Some other said that it is a symbol of femininity and the other refer it to butterfly effect. Due to this reason many people draw butterfly tattoo on their body. What kind of meaning is that, no matter since butterfly as a style is very popular and beautiful.

Butterfly Heart Neck Tattoo
butterfly on girls armRebecca’s New tattoo by.Mark Rosenwald
cute Butterfly on footButterfly tattoo by.mytat_2s
Butterfly Tattooslifrita lifi
butterfly paint tattoo by.Deanna Wardin
butterfly tattoo by.Deanna Wardin
watercolor butterfly tattoo by.Deanna Wardin
 elephant with butterfly wingselephant with butterfly wings by.Deanna Wardin
blue butterflyblue butterfly tattoo by.Deanna Wardin
Butterflies by.Flavio~