Flower tattoos

usually owned by women. This kind of tattoo makes the owner look more feminine and sensual. The flower will increase their sexual appeal. Some women have big and long flower on their body. Flower also has various shape and details. Rose flower complete with its red color or Hawaiian flower tattoo that has tropical flower shape will make you have more confident. Rose tattoo on wrist and back of the neck as well as at the back of the hand. Flower design on foot with long or small details are very popular. If someone wants to look more feminine and beautiful, those women’s have tattooed flower on their hips and ribs.

The Tattooed Girl by. Patrik Theander

The Most Beautiful Flower

The Most Beautiful Flower by. Roberto Santini

colorful sleeve flower tattoo

Sleeve flower tattoo style by.Vanessa Porter

Cute flower by. Ricardo Almeida

Flower Tattoos